Diecast - _Internal Revolution_
(Century Media, 2006)
by: Jackie Smit (5 out of 10)
Oh, how the mighty do fall.

OK, so maybe Diecast were never what you'd call mighty, but over the course of their last three records they certainly made a case for being one of mainstream metal's more promising talents. It's sad therefore to see them disregard the hulking aggression that made them such an exciting prospect on albums like _Day of Reckoning_ and _Tearing Down Your Blue Skies_, and replacing it instead with practically every trait they should have been avoiding like the plague.

Subsequently songs like "Never Forget" and "Weakness" boast production values that out-slick Elvis Presley's coif, and a mass of AOR melodies and radio-friendly choruses that practically beg to be turned into MTV staples. That the five members that make up this Boston quintet have talent is irrefutable, and when _Internal Revolution_ kicks into high gear, it still delivers in spades. The trouble is that this happens so rarely that it can hardly hide the fact that the majority of what's on offer here sounds like it was written specifically for twelve year-olds -- virtually devoid of danger, excitement or any tangible reason to make one want to return to the album on anything approaching a regular basis.

Contact: http://www.diecast1.net

(article published 10/11/2006)

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