Ektomorf - _Outcast_
(Nuclear Blast, 2006)
by: Jackie Smit (2.5 out of 10)
After a succession of ultra-dull releases starting with their 2004 Nuclear Blast debut _Destroy_, it was always going to take some doing to draw anything except a yawn out of me at the mention of this Hungarian quartet's name. Two years on and there's been little improvement in the band's songwriting skills. They continue to flirt with the odd strain of gypsy-tinged folk, but for the most part Ektomorf's calling card remains Soulfly and _Roots_ era Sepultura worship at its most blatant and banal. Had they simply delivered a carbon copy of something as visceral as Max Cavalera's most recent _Dark Ages_ outing, that could still have borne dividends. Yet despite what I'm sure were best intentions, _Outcast_ is, with virtually no exception, a steaming loaf that deserves no further attention here.

Contact: http://www.ektomorf.com

(article published 10/11/2006)

3/23/2004 J Smit 4 Ektomorf - Destroy
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