Medusa's Spell - _Mercurial Behaviour_
(Cold Meat Industry, 2006)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
Medusa's Spell have released a concept album about the emotions of a murderer after the act. The songs do not possess titles but are numbered "Act I" through to "Act X". Pretentious? Most certainly, but that is rarely a problem, and it definitely isn't a problem here.

The duo of Mara Lasi and Daniele Serra (who are also involved in parallel project Chirleison) perform music that can best be described as ethereal medieval folk, evoking a similar atmosphere to labelmates Stormfagel and All My Faith Lost. Such an atmosphere is generated primarily via a menagerie of acoustic guitar, violin, piano and bells. The vocals are soft, largely spoken word, so as to not detract from the nature of the album. In one song they are distorted, and this does affect the otherworldly aspects of _Mercurial Behaviour_, as do a few unnecessary industrial loops.

Basically, if you have heard their labelmates mentioned earlier, then you know what to expect and will know whether this album is for you. If you haven't, then give it a try; there are far worse acts out there.


(article published 23/10/2006)

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