Indesinence - _Neptunian_
(Weird Truth, 2006)
by: Pedro Azevedo (6.5 out of 10)
British doom newcomers Indesinence make their first appearance in the commercial arena, courtesy of Japan's Weird Truth, with this _Neptunian_. The album starts with a new track of the same title, weighing in at over eleven minutes of monolithic, unrelenting doom metal with some good half-whispered, half-growled vocals and a grinding finale. The second track is actually a cover of the Cocteau Twins' "Garlands", in which Indesinence give the song a very personal -- and slightly demented -- interpretation, and come out with a rather suitable track for their record. The remaining three cuts (a brief intro and two tracks of over ten minutes each) are taken from the band's _Ecstatic Lethargy_ demo. They fit in well with the rest, with deeper death growls but a similar approach to doom metal, and are suitable for inclusion in this release -- theirs is not an overly polished form of doom metal to begin with anyway. _Neptunian_ marks a very decent start for Indesinence, who in my view have a promising path ahead of them.


(article published 23/10/2006)

4/28/2003 P Azevedo 4 Indesinence - Ecstatic Lethargy
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