Darkness Enshroud - _Unveiled Ghostly Shadows_
(Moribund Records, 1996)
by: Andrew Lewandowski (1 out of 10)
The subconscious nature of ambient music results in a tight rope for all those (and there are many) who dare dabble in the genre; succeed in crossing the rope, and your satisfaction will be transcendental. If you fall from the rope, all that will be detected is the dead air resonating around your immobile bones. Darkness Enshroud do not merely fall from this rope, they plummet, thus hitting the ground harder than most. Dulled by 666 layers of tape hiss, the occasional maggot or fly (rarely manifested in anything but a bass heavy synth drone or constipated groan) sounds as lifeless as the carcass in which it explores. Wait! The body twitches ever so slightly! The sputterings of DE are no less amusing than those of any impotent creature; an elitist ejaculation of "pure bewilderment for most" can be found on the CD booklet! A word of wisdom: if you intend on sucking your own penis in a public forum, please have some reason for doing so.

(article published 9/4/1997)

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