Panchrysia / Iconoclasm - _The Ultimate Crescendo of Hell_
(Shiver Records, 2006)
by: Andreas Marouchos (7 out of 10)
Long story short, what we have here is a split between two promising Belgian bands, each with their own take on what is fundamentally black metal that does well in paying homage to their heritage without straying far into uncharted territories.

For the first part of the split we have Panchrysia. Their brand of black metal involves effectively simple riffs meshed with minimalistic yet melodic ideas, plus a convincing and expressive vocal delivery. Essentially they do a fine job in dabbling in the guitar riff-o-logy of Satyricon circa _Rebel Extravaganza_ and Snorre Ruch's seminal work with early Thorns. Complete with Satyr's signature cold, mechanic tone, and the percussive flux of Darkthrone, Panchrysia present us with four tracks of vibrant, clean-cut black metal.

Infused with death metal aggression, Iconoclasm take the baton from their Belgian counterparts and pound relentlessly. Musically harsher than Panchrysia, Iconoclasm incorporate catchy melodies and militant guitar themes, making this side of the split an ear-catching piece of black metal. There are also some heavy metal influenced passages as well.

Overall, both bands impose a good first impression, which makes their future releases something to look out for.


(article published 22/8/2006)

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