Frontside - _Twilight of the Gods: A First Step to Mental Revolution_
(Dockyard 1, 2006)
by: Jackie Smit (7 out of 10)
For the many flaws that littered Frontside's 2003 debut, _ Forgive Us Our Sins_, when it was all said and done there was no arguing the extent of this Polish quintet's potential. Enter album number two, and it's good to see that they have made good on their earlier promise -- at least in part.

Straddling the crushing brutality of Morbid Angel and the emotive metal of bands like Shadows Fall, songs like "Apocalypse Continues" and "Shape of Pain" have all the kick of a thoroughbred horse on a double dose of steroids. Yet for all their impact, Frontside let themselves down badly when stepping out of their creative comfort zone, as they do when they attempt to spice things up with an excruciating dabble in clean vocals on "We Are Destined to Burn". Still, they can take comfort in the fact that comparing them to the likes of Bleeding Through and Killswitch Engage (as their label do on the disc's accompanying bio) fails to do them justice entirely.


(article published 22/8/2006)

9/23/2004 J Smit 7 Frontside - Forgive Us Our Sins
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