Scald - _Vermiculatus_
(Code666, 2006)
by: Pedro Azevedo (3 out of 10)
_Vermiculatus_ is one of those albums that cause reviewers to make up long chains of adjectives to describe what it sounds like. In one word however, it sounds aimless to me. It may be adventurous and ambitious, but its instrumental and noise meanderings fail to capture my interest.

The album consists of a single track, near fifty minutes in length, structurally divided in half. During the first half, Scald mix progressive, jazzy tendencies with some virtually uncategorizable metal elements. The music changes continuously throughout its duration, but always remains instrumental. The second half apparently reprises the same musical themes, but does so with ambient and noise elements. Finally, there is also a multimedia section, which includes a digital animated movie depicting a sequence of writhing wireframe bodies.

If the result of this attempt at an objective description of what I found on _Vermiculatus_ sparked your interest, then by all means give it a try; you may be able to find a purpose to it all, something to keep you interested. To me however, the first half alternates between some listenable experiments with dissonant riffs and a succession of bland segments that seem to come from nowhere and lead nowhere. The second half tends to fade into background noise far too quickly to make me consider any artistic merit it may have for what it tries to achieve. The animated film provides a few moments of passing curiosity, but little else. In other words, while there may be something relevant here for certain listeners, I am definitely not one of them.


(article published 12/8/2006)

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