L.O.S.T. - _Last Breath_
(Meta4 Productions, 2005)
by: Quentin Kalis (5.5 out of 10)
If one were to browse through the CD booklet or their website, one would struggle to find the term "Christian" anywhere. But given lyrics such as "There is... / A Place between the right / And wrong... / Where truth lays waiting for so long" or "Searching for the light... / ...of truth...", how can they not be a Christian band?

Considering the severity of the prejudice against Christian themed music amongst metal fans, it is not at all surprising that L.O.S.T. have played down their religious beliefs. But such antagonism exists primarily because of preachy church band lyrics, like the examples above, conjoined to a mediocre rendition of a metal subgenre -- in this case, a pedestrian performance of death metal with doomy touches, reminiscent of The Gathering's largely ignored debut, _Always_ (which would not only explain the cheesy keyboards but also their liking for the ellipsis).

This is not a particularly unique variation, and L.O.S.T. are simply another addition to the long litany of Christian bands who fail to advance the metal genre in any significant manner.

Contact: http://www.meta4-productions.tk

(article published 2/8/2006)

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