Werkraum - _Kristalle_
(Ahnstern, 2006)
by: T. DePalma (7 out of 10)
German musician Axel Frank, whose time is split contributing to groups as diverse as military / electronic outfit Triari and the folk-inspired Sturmpercht, bands together with several (and some luminary) folk artists for the second installment of his "work rooms" project. _Kristalle_ enjoys the classical with the modern, with Frank providing lilting finger-style adornments alongside the voices of Antje Hoppenwrath, Jason Thompson and Nick Nedzynski (Lady Morphia), all of whom return from Werkraum's debut _Unsere Feuer Brennan_. A brief sleepwalk that takes a refreshing step away from the pensive tone that dominates many folks acts across the continent; wandering through misty hills seeded by pipes and strings, lovely duets as a Wurlitzer boils underneath, onto medieval songs of tin whistle and psalter. New to the fold are Robert Taylor and Nicholas Tesluk of Changes, each paired separately with Frank in two distinct pieces that bookend the album. Evoking an innocence and indulgence as Taylor intones the absinthe ritual over sensual guitar movements and Tesluk, following folk-singer Donovan, performs Thomas Hood's 19th century poem, "Queen Mab". Softer is he than Taylor and well attuned to the old lullaby, although the fiend in me longs to hear the poem's neglected second half (of bad little children and Ogres' knives).

Contact: http://www.werkraum.org

(article published 28/7/2006)

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