Oppressor - _Agony_
(MIA Records, 1996)
by: Adrian Bromley (6 out of 10)
Much like their bland live show, Oppressor seems to be stuck in a rut of sorts with this, their second release, _Agony_, a follow-up to 1993's _Solstice of Oppression_ (Red Light Records). The problem is that nothing seems to keep us, at least myself, too interested as the record plays through its nine tracks. While full of some strong guttural vocals, some cool ideas scattered throughout and a predominant technical style added to their music, the Chicago four-piece never really gets past neutral with this metal machine. The heaviness of the record loses momentum throughout as we reach each individual technical section. I like the rough and coherent vocals of singer Tim King, it's just that this record needs to stick to one idea, rather than breaking momentum at halfway marks to go onto another technical metal influenced idea. Approach this if you like somewhat technical-influenced death metal.

(article published 9/4/1997)

10/1/1998 P Schwarz Death Across America / Gorguts / Oppressor / Cryptopsy / Days of Mourning / Endless Obscure and Violent Canadian Supremacy
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