Psychopathic Terror - _Fucker_
(Serpent's Eye / Firebox, 2006)
by: Pedro Azevedo (5 out of 10)
Rather than the grindcore that, for some reason, I expected after glancing at their name, Psychopathic Terror present the listener with a mix of raucous death metal and occasional guitar leads. The abrasive vocal style works well with the dirty but reasonably strong production, and the band uncompromisingly tear through eight tracks of intense but simplistic material in about half an hour. As expected, novelty value is practically zero (despite a couple of inconsistent deviations towards the end of the disc that only make it drop another mark), so consider seeking this album only if you really feel you must have some more competent but unspectacular death metal. Psychopathic Terror won't be among the worst candidates for an addition to your collection, but don't expect more than a few harmless spins before you forget about this album.

(article published 28/7/2006)

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