Hyperion - _Through Centuries_
(Deathgasm, 2006)
by: T. DePalma (3 out of 10)
It used to be that a band's country of origin would clue you in to their sound. In the not too distant past, death metal more closely assumed the character of regional dialects, expressing the same dynamic end through varied accents, rhythm and imagery. It's still true of some places, but those countries that have never produced anything significant in the genre remain in imitation of imported cacophony. Ukranian death metal group Hyperion finds their way prematurely onto compact disc with this release of their 2004 demo. The coupling of styles often seems accidental, as if separate bands were recording playing in the same building, with Gothenburg riffs set among Norwegian keyboard-excess (enchanting in the blandest sense). Even in its better moments, the music is held back by a plugged sound quality. The drums lack a will and strength, the guitar tone is lethargic and the vocals mostly imitate the guitar's melody with pause for noodling trills. The band is capable but confused. According to the liner notes, it took over a year to record _Through Centuries_, and it seems their skill could be put to better use than playing catch-up.

Contact: http://www.hyperion.zp.ua

(article published 15/7/2006)

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