Hellspawn / Hateful / Impureza - _Tworzenia, Resurrezione, Démence_
(Nihilistic Holocaust, 2006)
by: Andreas Marouchos (7 out of 10)
Three demos, each coming from a different country, is what is on offer on this appetizing slice of European subterranean death metal, presenting three fledgling yet interesting bands released by the ever-underground label Nihilistic Holocaust.

The Polish Hellspawn first hit it off with their abrasive slab of brutality with a strong tinge of early Vital Remains. Technical riffage, "messy" production and most importantly, convincingly aggressive. A better, cleaner production could definitely benefit the band, since a number of parts sound buried.

At arm's length from their split counterparts in terms of musical influences and with only three songs on display, Hateful from Italy move within a more varied rhythmical context, incorporating groovy parts in their sound. Both promising bands indeed.

The French Impureza are the most interesting band of the three. Death metal has not been a stranger to foreign elements, from incorporating oriental scales to the usage of unorthodox instruments such as the Turkish saz and even the Greek bouzouki, but this has not always been met with considerable success. Impureza play a sort of Andalusian death metal with a subtle Nile slant where they introduce interesting Latin rhythms into their song structures -- and what's more, they sing in Spanish(!) although they are of French origin. Self-admittedly, the band are big fans of the flamenco musical form, and even more surprisingly it fits their sound quite well.

The underground has always been the cradle of new, innovative music and it's always reinvigorating to watch fresh units, each with their personal sound motif, rising up.

Contact: http://site.voila.fr/NIHILISTIC/

(article published 14/7/2006)

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