Infernum - _The Curse_
(Sound Riot, 2006)
by: Nikola Shahpazov (8 out of 10)
This might sound a bit confusing, so stick with me. There are currently two bands under the name Infernum: both hailing from Poland, both originating from Wroclaw, both featuring similar musicians. Still, both bands insist they are "the original Infernum" and include the debut _Taur-Nu-Fuin_ as their first official release. This of course has to do with Darken and Capricornus not being on speaking terms (to say the least) with Anextiomarus -- yes, the very same Grzegorz "Karcharoth" Jurgielewicz the Polish NSBM circles (or "hordes" if you will) dubbed "police informer" thus logically excluding him from the "Aryan underground". Therefore, the _Farewell_ album (previously reviewed in CoC by Todd DePalma) is in fact old and rearranged material that has little to do with the people behind _The Curse_. So, this Infernum lineup features Anextiomarus minus Darken and Capricornus, plus some other devoted Polish black metallers.

Musically there is an abundance of similarities, and even though production quality differs quite a bit, there is a good deal of passages on the "new Infernum" that might be mistaken for the "old Infernum". Both projects feature the rasping vocals of Anextiomarus, swearing devotion to the horned one with a mighty East European accent, as well as a potent mixture of old school guitar buzz, pounding drums and a healthy doze of keyboards -- all leading to a raw black metal sound with a distinct melodic edge and enough interesting moments to save it from entering the sphere of boredom.

The album has the obligatory utterly spooky intro and outro, plus five fast and mid-tempo tracks featuring the occasional quiet moment of acoustic guitars and not-so-great female vocals -- included in order to create dynamics and underline the murky atmosphere. The quality of the recording is actually quite good, even though lack of production values never scared the "trve" servants of Baphomet; but in this case even they would only benefit from actually being able to hear the separate instruments clearly, thus adding to the overall powerful and even somewhat epic sound of _The Curse_.

Overall this is not a bad album by any standards, and it might even prove to be quite an entertaining listen for all those in love with the Polish underground scene.

In loosely related news, main man Anextiomarus committed suicide some two years ago, adding to the cult status of the band, if not the music itself. Obviously trve as Hell.

(article published 10/7/2006)

3/31/2005 T DePalma 10 Infernum - Farewell
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