Kalisia - _Skies_
(Adipocere, 1996)
by: Drew Snow (9 out of 10)
Finally out after almost a year of delay, comes Kalisia's debut MCD, _Skies_, an excellent, refreshing release of extremely progressive, melodic, skillfully played death metal (and -not- from Sweden). Three of the four songs on the album are in the 7-10 minute range, but Kalisia don't just fill up time with useless repetition or long, "atmospheric" intros and outros; instead, they develop each composition to its fullest, whether it be through a ripping guitar solo (or three), spoken female narrative, or a refreshing infusion of keyboard or flute. Every instrument shares equal space in the clean production, and each member of the band handles their respective tools -very- well, an all too rare quality of today's bands. The lyrics lean towards the more mystical, spiritual, individual side of things, and are in themselves great, but honestly, it doesn't matter; the lyrics could be about scissors for all I care, because Kalisia, above all, are a band based on music. Sure, of course all the other bands in the world are based on music, but Kalisia are not ones to rely on a set mold, structure, or any other meaningless restraint placed on bands (by themselves). Basically, there's not much in the manner of negative things to share about Kalisia, and all too many positive things, which ends in my high recommendation of this outstanding MCD. Do yourself, and Kalisia, a favour, and pick up _Skies_ for an awesome listening experience.

(article published 9/4/1997)

6/7/1997 D Schinzel Kalisia: Progressing Into the Future
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