Bullet - _Heading for the Top_
(Black Lodge, 2006)
by: Jackie Smit (3 out of 10)
The majority of CoC readers, I expect, would take a morose-looking gang of Swedish bikers -- decked out in enough leather and studs to make the Village People blush -- adorning the front cover of an album as enough of an aesthetic deterrent to the band a pass altogether. For the adventurous souls who choose to give this throwback quintet the benefit of the doubt however, it should come as no surprise to find Bullet running roughshod over a gamut of vintage heavy metal influences, ranging from Judas Priest to Accept to AC/DC, in a style that's so shamelessly plagiaristic you can imagine dozens of entertainment lawyers grabbing for their Blackberrys at the sound of it. Had there been any indication that it was all tongue-in-cheek on songs like "Turn It Up Loud", "Bang Your Head" and "Leather Love", this might have passed for nostalgic tomfoolery; but if the band are indeed pulling a prank, they're doing a damn good job of letting no one else in on the joke.

Contact: http://www.blacklodge.se

(article published 31/5/2006)

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