Psychonaut - _Masters of Procrastination_
(Prime Cuts, 2004)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
When this CD landed in my post-box, I initially tossed it aside, as I considered its release date of January 2004 to be too old to merit reviewing -- especially as the follow-up _The Sounds of Horror... and Other Noises_ is apparently due any day now. But after listening to these quirky movie obsessed stoners, I decided that regardless of the release date, I couldn't let this pass by without comment.

The sound is a delightful heavy retro rock, arguably more indebted towards punk and rock than metal, and vaguely reminiscent of desert rock pioneers Kyuss. Listed influences include Alice Cooper and The Misfits, and given the obsession with B-grade movies, this comes as no surprise. Standout tracks include "Darklord" -- a song about the "Star Wars" saga (which, to be honest, makes for a welcome break from Tolkien inspired balderdash) which incorporates a perversion of the pompous theme that is performed whenever Vader appears on screen -- and also "El Elph", which apart from a catchy chorus, has a deliciously sleazy feel.

The promo blurb states that Psychonaut have become a popular live act due to their frenetic energy -- and for once I can believe normally hyperbolic promo blurb; it is not too hard to imagine their energetic brand of heavy rock translating well in a live setting. (Although a couple of live videos are included on the CD, their quality is too poor to form any definitive conclusions about their live performances.) Enjoyable in a non-pretentious way, much like Metalucifer.


(article published 16/5/2006)

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