A Traitor Like Judas - _Nightmare Inc._
(Goodlife Recordings, 2006)
by: Jackie Smit (6 out of 10)
Imagine Caliban minus half the insipid posturing, and you'll have A Traitor Like Judas pegged. In a way, this is high praise for the band, considering the number of times that they have shared a stage with the aforementioned act, but unfortunately that also means that _Nightmare Inc._ isn't exactly the most unique album that's likely to hit the shelves in 2006. True, the chunkier production and the band's tendency for thrash rather than Swedish melodic death metal goes some way toward making up for the record's creative shortcomings in other areas, but at its core songs like "No More Silence" and "The Swan" are little more than above average examples of modern metal. Solidly performed and superbly recorded certainly, but like so much of what's being released in this genre at the moment, ultimately forgettable.

Contact: http://www.atraitorlikejudas.com

(article published 15/5/2006)

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