Dismember - _The God That Never Was_
(Regain Records, 2006)
by: T. DePalma (7 out of 10)
Could there ever be any doubt as to this band's direction? As the Swedes unveil their seventh album they appear confident and energized, emerging as the last of their country's revolutionary core to maintain a semblance of their original style. _The God That Never Was_ is a slight improvement over the years and still perplexing, because beyond all previous efforts, the album sounds like a slippery fuck between Iron Maiden and Autopsy. Its rhythmic mastery bridges the chasm from the latter half of the Nineties but, somewhat obviously, can offer no more than returning numbers in raging tempo, and all the familiars return: groovy riffs padded by that classic guitar distortion are dispersed by Fred Estby's hybrid rumble; delicate leads are molded by ear-stealing bends and back-up harmonies, soon riding the tail of Karki's flaming head.

Overall, we're treated to memorable songs following patent modes and structure. Technically, it's uninspired compared to previous work, content to mimic idols (the instrumental "Phantoms" being a sullen parody of Maiden's "Transylvania") with plenty of self-referential exercise along the way. Yet this weakening of intent is what allows the album to stand above their last few outings. Taken as it is, there's enjoyment in such familiarity; the only answer to why they remain a viable entity.

Contact: http://www.dismember.se

(article published 26/3/2006)

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