Decapitated - _Organic Hallucinosis_
(Earache Records, 2006)
by: Jackie Smit (9 out of 10)
There's no denying it -- the last six months have not been kind to Decapitated. After what by death metal standards could very happily be termed a "meteoric" rise through the ranks of extreme music to become one of Poland's most influential acts, three albums in sees the quartet in a perpetual state of disarray. Dogged by rumours of trouble with their label, and a number of personnel changes that include the departure of vocalist Sauron, one could almost have forgiven the band if their fourth full-length had turned out to be a confused mess or a dutiful by-the-numbers stopgap. Hell, there are some bands that would chuck it in altogether in the face of such adversity, but trials and tribulations are what separate the men from the boys so to speak, and it is ironic that _Organic Hallucinosis_ should prove to be not only their most creatively diverse material to date, but also their most starkly effective.

Eschewing the rigid structure that saw them on the receiving end of a whole truckload of critical flack with _The Negation_, it's clear from moment the record rockets off the starting grid that the biggest differences to emerge from the Decapitated melting pot aren't exclusively centred around new boy-behind-the-microphone Covan's distinctly more intelligible and commanding vocals. Throughout the course of the record, the band flirt with a host of fresh ideas, ranging from peculiar and highly effective melodies to an almost Schuldiner-like flair for progression. The likes of "Post Organic" and "Invisible Control" are perfect examples of the evolutionary strides that _Organic Hallucinosis_ has taken over its predecessors; initially taking some getting used to, but repaying in kind after successive listens.

Unfortunately the experience is concluded all too soon, and with just over a half hour's worth of material across seven tracks, _Organic Hallucinosis_ is more on a par with many of EPs coming out of the woodwork of late. That it should suggest that Decapitated are far from running out of steam though is beyond debate.


(article published 27/2/2006)

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