Temple of Baal - _Traitors to Mankind_
(Adipocere / Oaken Shield, 2006)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7 out of 10)
Armed with a much improved production and renewed aggression, Temple of Baal strike back with _Traitors to Mankind_ -- and this follow-up to _Servants of the Beast_ is an angry little beast for sure. This is another one of those records that seem to harvest influence from both black and thrash metal. At their best during the faster sections, Temple of Baal are able to whip up some pretty furious concoctions; although on the other hand the slower fare sometimes causes the album to lose some steam. Don't let my opening comment about the improved production fool you though: improved as it may be, this is still an underground sound they've got here, only this time it serves as a much better vehicle for their songs. There's an honest old-school vibe to the whole thing that is quite pleasant, and while this won't be one of the year's highlights, it's still sure to provide a few enjoyable spins for most listeners.

Contact: http://www.adipocere.fr

(article published 27/2/2006)

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