Embalming Theatre - _The World Is a Stage... for Murder!_
(No Escape Records, 2005)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
Unlike many of their peers in the brutal death / goregrind genre, Embalming Theatre's lyrical inspiration does not stem from the fevered mind of a horror movie fanatic but from real life events. Songs such as "Bake the Baby" and "Skull Soccer Pt. 2" provide evidence for the cliché "truth is stranger than fiction". Their lyrical roots in the real world make this band more intriguing than most, and more disturbing than anything their contemporaries could dream up.

Lyrical inspirations aside, Embalming Theatre perform old school grind crusted around the edges -- not a variant that will score highly for originality. They do compensate for a lack of originality with sheer entertainment value however. The songs are simple, consisting of a few riffs -- but with 18 songs jammed into 35 minutes, no one is expecting Dream Theatre-esque fretboard wankery -- and the guttural vocals are more intelligible than most. A macabre touch of humour pervades the entire CD and nowhere is it more apparent than on album closer "Bulldozer Blues", which features frenetic rock 'n' roll styled piano riffs that I'm fairly positive were "borrowed" from an old 1950s song...

Fans and non-fans alike will find something to enjoy on this release. Surprisingly, no mention is made of Armin Meiwes. Guess that one is being saved for the next CD.

Contact: http://www.noescaperecords.com

(article published 17/2/2006)

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