Absurd - _Grimmige Volksmusik_
(Nebelfee Klangwerke, 2005)
by: Nikola Shahpazov (8.5 out of 10)
Absurd have come a long way -- from an enthusiastic but ultimately amateurish punk-black act to a powerful manifestation of post-black metal pagan noise. In the past, there dwelled the overwhelming feeling of the band being overrated, at least in the NSBM circles, because alongside Varg Vikernes, Hendrik Mobus had pioneered the idea of an extreme band with extreme political views. However circa 2006 it is hard, if not completely silly, to blindly dismiss Absurd as "Nazi scum". True, early albums such as the now cult _Thuringian Pagan Madness_ and _Facta Loquuntur_ weren't exactly groundbreaking. But 2003's _Totenlieder_ finally gave full way to the tendencies that were obvious in _Asgardsrei_ -- the music took a turn away from an unbearable underground punk-black mess and headed straight into epic pagan metal; powerful, hard and well recorded. I dare call this the most successful of combination of Viking, black and heavy metal with a good deal of heathen and far right imagery and message, which is, of course, what you would expect from the NSBM originators.

Based on the idea of recreating German folk songs in a new Absurd-esque style, which worked so splendidly on "Totentanzlied aus Flandern" (from last year's _Blutgericht_), _Grimmige Volksmusik_ is a rousing, adrenaline-pumping collection of battle hymns. "Ein J├Ąger aus Walhall" kicks off with an upbeat, lively tune combined with heavy riffing and dual vocals. Apart from the usual screech, Absurd have gained a new and surprisingly powerful vocalist who handles the clean and epic passages, thus giving a good deal of depth to the songs. Given that this release is in fact an EP, only five tracks are present, but they don't disappoint in the least. Melodic and full-on sing-alongs, these are melodic Viking rock flicks with a heavy and black metal edge. The last one, "Des Wotans schwarzer Haufen" is one of the best Absurd tracks you're likely to find and, in my mind, worth much more than Falkenbach's last two albums.

One final point: for an even more comprehensive listening experience, you may want to top up your ale of choice prior to hitting the play button for this record.

Contact: http://nebelklang.de

(article published 29/1/2006)

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