Superchrist - _South of Hell_
(Autopsy Kitchen Records, 2005)
by: T. DePalma (5.5 out of 10)
It was unfortunate to discover, only a few years ago, that my favorite pejorative for metalhead had been employed by a piddling alt-rock band for the services of poor American television. "Dirtbag" had become somehow empathetic, defined as anything less than 90 pounds with bad skin. It's some consolation then that Chris Black, Whorepuncher and Hank Bitchlover offer this sleazy pastiche, reminding if not repairing the images long faded. Forging unrepentant rock as The Ramones meets Motorhead plus, whom they ape with grizzled voice, sideburns and Rickenbacker blasting for duration. While I understand the urge to play _It's Alive_ or _Orgasmatron_ instead of this glorified cover-band shit, their performance is keen and the production superb. Something like Karaoke superstars, Superchrist, like Turbonegro, is the idiot's legend of rock 'n' roll. Alright then, let's get stupid.

Opening with a cover of "Where Eagles Dare" (not that band from Jersey) and continuing on through nine more tracks of rhythmic nostalgia modeled on such potent archetypes, clanging guitar springs off into bouncing blues leads while full-mouthed bass leads the trio on in anthemic misconduct. Adding some credence, _South of Hell_ establishes a resonant mix of voices in clear, divided sections allowing the passion and ample drive of its three-man jam atmosphere unquestioned on record. As loud and lyrically foul purveyors of old school, Superchirst add humor and historic riffs for peak effect (a bastardized version of "Countess Bathory" surfaces late in the record) bringing to mind not only their forerunners but contemporary acts like The Mobile Mob Freakshow and filled with vibrant play that follows a growing reputation as a live act.

Yes, this would be the perfect music to get shit-faced with at your local beer-dive, screening the unwed mothers you knew from high-school; perfect for letting off steam and sweet shame. You can't say that about "Bomber" or "Jailbait" anymore. Not since Lemmy admitted he was queer. Another point for Superchrist.


(article published 29/1/2006)

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