Shining Fury - _Another Life_
(Metal Blade, 2006)
by: Jackie Smit (4 out of 10)
About eight years ago, Kimberly Goss -- who up until that point in time had been known for her ethereal vocal stylings in bands like Therion and Dimmu Borgir -- and a few of her heavy metal chums put together a band called Sinergy. Performing traditional power metal, with the twist being Goss' vocals, the band proceeded to deliver two of the most godawful turds in the history of recorded music before (mercifully) going on an indefinite hiatus. That Shining Fury sounds remarkably reminiscent of this band -- with a brute man behind the microphone no less -- was therefore never going to be a good start for the band by any standards.

Before anyone starts thinking that I'm being put off by what essentially only makes up one fifth of contribution that brought _Another Life_ into existence however, let me also say that I don't think the actual music is all that hot either. With the exception of the surprisingly punchy "The Haunting", it's the sort of indistinct, formulaic power metal that most of us wished had gone the way of the dodo a decade ago. Much like the HammerFalls of this world, it's impeccably delivered, but in terms of overall appeal, the majority of people who'll enjoy _Another Life_ probably jot down "World of Warcraft" in the occupation field when they fill out government forms.


(article published 2/1/2006)

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