Trendkill - _No Longer Buried_
(, 2005)
by: Jackie Smit (7 out of 10)
It's quite ironic that this Swedish quintet should call themselves Trendkill, when virtually nothing on their Regain debut would suggest that they're bucking any particularly objectionable fads. Far from it, in fact; with the exception of the odd melodic quirk (the opening riff to "Dedication" being an exceptional example), _No Longer Buried_ rarely transcends the boundaries of your everyday neighbourhood Hatebreed / Terror / God Forbid emulators. All the standard ingredients are in place, from the chunky beatdowns to the razor-sharp grooves, and it's all held together perfectly by a glistening production job that leaves not a single note out of place. That said, there's something about the likes of "Walking Dead" and "Nothing for Granted" that smacks of guilty pleasure in the same way that a lot of Trendkill's contemporaries do, and although they're certainly not a band who'll be making many "Best of 2005" lists anytime soon, this is nevertheless an album that makes for a more pleasing listening experience than many others of its ilk.


(article published 24/11/2005)

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