Secrets of the Moon - _The Exhibitions EP_
(Lupus Lounge, 2005)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7 out of 10)
These days EPs are such unreliable fare. Big labels seem to use them only to chuck worthless "rarities" and edited versions, plus some often useless multimedia content, in an effort to whip up some anticipation for a forthcoming full-length. There are other ways to do that though, and one of them is putting out a well-packaged EP with worthwhile material that won't appear elsewhere. This seems to be what Lupus Lounge have tried to do with Secrets of the Moon and this _The Exhibitions EP_, a follow-up to last year's rather interesting _Carved in Stigmata Wounds_. The band shows a penchant for slower riffs on this two-song excursion, producing some different but nonetheless enjoyable material compared to their much quicker debut. I prefer the style they used on their full-length however, and hope they will keep exploring in that musical direction; but this doesn't detract from the worth of these tracks, even if there is sometimes an excessive Satyricon vibe. The EP is completed with a rendition of Darkthrone's "Under a Funeral Moon", which is a more debatable option -- the track is hardly a novelty for anyone, and this reinterpretation adds less to the original than I expected from these German black metallers. Certainly a decent EP overall, and I shall be quite interested to hear their next full-length.


(article published 10/10/2005)

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