Paths of Possession - _Promises in Blood_
(Metal Blade, 2005)
by: Jackie Smit (8 out of 10)
Given the decidedly untuneful nature of his day job, a melodic death metal outfit is the last place you'd expect to find George Fisher plying his blood-soaked trade. Yet strangely, despite Paths of Possession's _Jester Race_-like musings, the Corpsegrinder's larynx shredding style works surprisingly well. His bandmates don't fare too badly either. The world may need another melodic death metal band like it needs a bullet to its collective brain, but where _Promises in Blood_ really manages to stand out is in its creators' penchant for throwing in a decidedly traditional and un-Swedish hook when the music calls for it. The result is that a song like "The Second Coming" may not quite eat into the time you're likely to spend spinning the new Nile this year, but it's certainly leagues apart from the deluge of acts who go to great pains to squeeze the last bit of life out of a blueprint that should have remained in 1995.


(article published 19/9/2005)

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