The Eternal - _Sleep of Reason_
(Firebox, 2005)
by: Pedro Azevedo (6 out of 10)
It is not a lack of talent, creativity or enthusiasm that plagues this Australian band. In my opinion, what prevents them from producing an outstanding album is instead their lack of consistency and focus over the course of a full-length. Variety can be a good thing, and the promo sheet even boasts that the album has an eclectic mix of songs; but the excessive jumble of styles doesn't sit well with me, hampering rather than enhancing my appreciation of the album.

Like its predecessor, _Sleep of Reason_ is loosely based on doom metal, but shuns the slow pace commonly associated with the genre and contains a generous pinch of pop. There are still some relatively plodding passages ("To Drown", "Beneath the Soil"), but things tend to stay sufficiently mid-paced and lightweight to be more palatable for an audience that transcends doom metal aficionados. Furthermore, the music can get rather upbeat and chorus-y at times, with melodic doom metal turning into something altogether more commercial -- and unfortunately losing much of its appeal in the process ("Hollow Inside", "In My Skin").

Judging by the slower tracks, The Eternal could have created a solid doom metal album if they had so wished. Instead, they opted for something far more ambitious; and in doing so, they failed to fulfill the potential they show on the better parts of the album. _Sleep of Reason_ has some good moments, but ultimately it is doomed to oblivion as far as I am concerned.


(article published 2/9/2005)

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