Stillhet - _Gjemt I Skyggene_
(Northern Silence Productions, 2005)
by: Pedro Azevedo (5 out of 10)
According to Northern Silence Productions, this is a re-release of Stillhet's sold-out demo, and includes new artwork and a bonus track. Clearly rooted in early '90s black metal, the music remains mid-paced for most of the record and does its best to bring back those old days. A drum machine is employed however, and although it is competently handled, it still detracts from the old-school effect somewhat. Nevertheless, production values are quite decent considering this was originally a demo, and even as an album the sound is acceptable. The riffs will likely come across as generic for anyone who's heard a few albums from the aforementioned era however, and unfortunately fail to provide any great reason why you should be listening to _Gjemt I Skyggene_ instead of a classic of your choice -- something the unremarkable cover of Burzum's "Spell of Destruction" fails to alleviate. (There is also a brief instrumental cover of music from the game "Silent Hill".) _Gjemt I Skyggene_ is not a bad record, and clearly Stillhet can grow into a more appealing entity in the future, especially if the closing bonus track, "Fordømt", is any indication. Overall, _Gjemt I Skyggene_ wouldn't have set the world alight ten years ago, and it hasn't a great deal to offer today beyond the first couple of spins.


(article published 24/8/2005)

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