Soilent Green - _Confrontation_
(Relapse, 2005)
by: Xander Hoose (8.5 out of 10)
Soilent Green is one of those bands that fall into the "difficult" category when it comes to reviewing their music. Reason being the skillful onslaught this band generates for a full 50 minutes is typically without moments of ease. _Confrontation_ isn't that much different from this description, although arguably they have taken a step back. While previous albums have been described by my colleagues as The Dillinger Escape Plan meets Crowbar, Soilent Green now lean more and more towards the latter. The sludge aspect that was almost absent from their last album _A Deleted Symphony for the Beaten Down_ seems to have crept back in, albeit in a very clean way ("Theory of Pride in Tragedy"). There are also some moments where we, restless listeners, are allowed to catch a breath. "Southern Spirit Suite", "Liquor & Cigarettes", "Paper Cut" and "Another Cheap Brand" are all around 30 seconds of experimental diddling and doodling. This doesn't exactly follow the flow of the album, but it is welcome nevertheless. The main songs on _Confrontation_ are powerful, and Soilent Green seem to have focused more on variation than ever (just listen to the excellent "They Lie to Hide the Truth"). In my book, that makes _Confrontation_ better than its predecessor.


(article published 29/6/2005)

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