Lust - _Genesis of a Satanic Race_
(Blood Fire Death, 2005)
by: T. DePalma (7 out of 10)
Guaranteed to polarize even the few that have heard of this singular outfit, to greet the music of Lust is to confront the irrational with a stupefied wonder as the bonds of taste are assailed by an ingenious coupling of tumult and childishness.

The third full-length of this Canadian enterprise comes with a fatter sound and eleven tracks, both old and new, to form a nerve-testing horror show of susurrate interludes taken from the Book of Revelations and chaotic main pieces that invoke not so much the old-school as they do the Theatre of Cruelty. _Genesis of a Satanic Race_ is a black metal b-movie, saturating catchy riffs of several aptitudes (though mostly dealing with thrash and black metal in varying degrees of discordance, there's a particularly effective doom procession in the opening track, "Birth of the Unconquerable One") with grand ornamentations of overdone trills, scrapes and completely over the top vocal cooing that turns the melodic core of these tracks on its ear and leaves one in either admiration or hysterics over the thought of even trying it.

A cover of Spear of Longinus' epic "Nazi Occult Metal" surpasses the original in every aspect and serves as the perfect coda for this work, which tears away the austere pretensions of progressive black metal in a daring attempt to rediscover an esoteric life force absent from most of the genre.


(article published 27/6/2005)

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