Mindgrinder - _Riot Detonator_
(Nocturnal Arts Productions, 2005)
by: Jackie Smit (8 out of 10)
They're a funny bunch, these Norwegians. Condemning all things death and thrash just a few odd years ago as being "false" and "for wimps", the recent emergence of acts like Zyklon, Blood Red Throne and Grimfist would suggest that some of the black metal genre's erstwhile enforcers have come full circle and, in an ironic twist of fate, are now re-discovering their roots. Not that we mind, of course. The last Zyklon album, for example, was a thing of sheer beauty; death metal executed with enough fresh and original ideas to make it stand out from the crowd, whilst at the same time paying due respects to the genre's founding fathers.

Mindgrinder are another interesting prospect. Featuring former members of Windir, among others, _Riot Detonator_ is the second addition to the band's catalogue and is as bludgeoning and aggressive as latter-day thrash gets. But before you skip to the next review and dismiss this band as just another Haunted wanna-be, think again. For while the opening assault of "Warhead" might suggest little in terms of innovation, the combination of subtle layers of melody and sparse use of clean singing on "Pathetic Submission" is just one of many surprises and (ultimately) differentiators littered across the album's highly entertaining thirty-six minute duration. Couple that with the relentless charge of "Hellfire" and "Obligation to Prevail" and what you have isn't quite the classic that this band undoubtedly have in them, but a record that comes pretty damn close. Euronymous must be turning in his grave.

Contact: http://www.mindgrinder.com

(article published 3/5/2005)

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