Lord Gore - _Resickened_
(Razorback, 2005)
by: Xander Hoose (9 out of 10)
For a second, I felt a rush of nostalgia. Blood running fast through my veins, adrenaline pumping, my mind filled with only one thought: Impetigo! The rush didn't last long, because Lord Gore is not Impetigo, but there are striking similarities -- and I'm not just talking about the album cover. If Impetigo were still making music today, they might have ended up like this band. _Resickened_ is all about the zombie-grind we've come to love over the last fifteen years. The guttural vocals add the finishing touch to the sick riffs and rumbling bass, and with song titles like "Gastric Gore-Met", "Megacephallus" and "Human Bot-Fly", we're assured of fitting lyrical content. What surprised me most is that the majority of songs are actually really good -- take the lead guitars on "Brainfucker" for instance, or the catchy refrain on "Liquid Lunch". It's small things like these that set Lord Gore apart from most of the other goregrind bands. Granted, forty-five minutes (not counting the useless bonus track) is a tad bit too much, even for my taste. Album length aside, I have trouble pointing out a weakness in _Resickened_ -- but guys, for the next album don't be afraid to cut out the mediocre songs. Two amputated thumbs up.

Contact: http://www.lordgore.net

(article published 28/4/2005)

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