Dominion - _Interface_
(Peaceville, 1996)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7 out of 10)
Yet another recent Peaceville release, in this case a debut, Dominion present a somewhat renewed version of thrash metal with various other influences, together with both male and female vocals. In fact, and that might be what will bring Dominion notice, Michelle is actually the lead vocalist, with various sorts of backing male vocals. They have a consistent sound and use a very clear bass, while managing to have a very fair amount of interesting, even original, arrangements and riffs, although their quality isn't constant. The tracks that really stand out are "Silhouettes" and "Weaving Fear", but almost every track has something good about it. Track four features guest vocals from Aaron (My Dying Bride) and Michelle's good vocal abilities are explored in the very soft final track. Dominion show some good potential, though they still lack something to really make them stand out. Not a masterpiece, but a very pleasant album and a good debut.

(article published 16/3/1997)

7/14/1997 P Azevedo Dominion: Interfacing
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