Exit 13 - _... Just A Few More Hits_
(Relapse, 1995)
by: Gino Filicetti (7 out of 10)
I have been waiting to hear Exit 13's material for so long, I found it somewhat unreal that I was actually putting this CD in my player. As my finger approached the play button, I felt the anticipation build inside of me of actually listening to a WHOLE Exit 13 CD!. I was first exposed to Exit 13 with a few of their sample tracks on Relapse's UHF/VHF compilation, and I had heard from more than one reliable source that Exit 13 were absolutely fucking amazing, so I put on the CD and was blown away with the intro sample of someone getting into their car and peeling away at MAXIMUM VOLUME. After that, I knew this was going to be killer. The CD starts out with "Legalize Hemp Now (Radio Edit)" (sure! as if any radio station would have the balls to play it!). The music is extremely catchy, with a low-tuned bass sound and high- pitched guitar chords which make the music weirdly appealing. The vocals throughout this album are constantly changing, something for which I have undying respect. The next song, "A Man And His Lawnmower" is a Dead Kennedy's cover. Bill is back to his extremely vicious and ultimately cool screams and screeches. After this is one of my favorite tracks on this album, "Oral Fixation", which is about the unforgettable experience of ultimately satisfying women. The vocals this time are of a mid-range, growl/talk type with the rhythm section grinding the way they do best. Next is my other favorite track, "Constant Persistence of Annoyance". An expertly written tale of dealing with someone that absolutely bugs the shit out of you. The next two tracks are very experimental ambient/noise deals, with the last track "Snakes and Alligators" eating up a whole 21:49 minutes of the CD!! Definitely a great album which makes me infinitely more curious and anxious for this band's next release.

(article published 8/11/1995)

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