Godless Truth - _Arrogance of Supreme Power_
(Lacerated Enemy Records, 2005)
by: Jackie Smit (6 out of 10)
Talk about your shameless hero worship; there's no mistaking where this Czech outfit draw their principal inspiration from, given how transparently they wear their innate fondness for the likes of Internal Bleeding and Deeds of Flesh on their death metal sleeves. The thing is that with this particular style, it's only on the very rarest of occasions that a band can align their powers fastidiously enough to actually produce a record that does not sound like what essentially amounts to one continuous track. Of course, Chicago's Fleshgrind did it superbly on their stunning _Murder Without End_ opus in 2004; but as much as their technical talent is obvious, Godless Truth is no Fleshgrind -- nor indeed do they have the songs to remain unceasingly interesting beyond _Arrogance of Supreme Power_'s half-way mark. So, while "Perceive the Mockery" may get the thumbs up almost instantly for its biting intensity and rumbling bass-heavy grooves, by the time the band have kicked into "Reprobate Intention", it may start to feel for most as though the end can't come soon enough.

Contact: http://www.godlesstruth.com

(article published 15/3/2005)

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