Total Fucking Destruction - _Compact Disc Version 1.0_
(Bones Brigade, 2004)
by: T. DePalma (7 out of 10)
In 2000 Rich Hoak emerged from the smoldering corpse of Brutal Truth, forming this insubordinate grind quartet for the purpose of... saying "Fuckoff!" to purpose, I guess. This CD comprises all three of TFD's demos plus a brief live performance, showcasing the group in what is basically a 43 track jam session. Re-mastered by Pig Destroyer's Scott Hull, the tracks retain an atmosphere that translates a pure and careless quality as the music reaches a state of frenzy and violent wise-assness in keeping with its dominant crossover style. The rhythms topple over one another in an interflowing circus of punk and metal, punctuated by warped blues riffs, Hoak's own chaotic drumming and an erratic vocal performance that sounds like Tom Araya being attacked by buzzards. The combination of guitar techniques along with a noticeable cover of "Yes Ma'am" opens the door for comparisons to D.R.I., but TFD is far less narrative in their vocal execution and the tremolo picking is more along the lines of sloppy black metal than a tight thrash sound.

The only thing that really impedes listening (in a small degree), is the repetition of certain songs throughout the three demo groupings that suffer no significant quality changes in sound or performance and the live tracks; eight songs that you've just heard, gutted by low audio quality. Otherwise, a uniquely foul and enjoyable tantrum.


(article published 15/3/2005)

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