Forlorn Legacy - _Paths of Insanity_
(Metalsound Records, 2005)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7.5 out of 10)
Sounding like a mixture of latter day Death and some furious technical thrash, these Croatians are certainly able to craft some impressive pieces. Forlorn Legacy sound neither modern nor retro; instead of looking for what's fashionable, they simply belt out successive tracks of technical metal that bears about as much resemblance to the aforementioned Death as to Swedish-flavoured thrash. Equally able to produce technical passages (though not of a flashy kind) and bursts of thrash, Forlorn Legacy strike a good balance with these elements. There is a lot of fire in their music, a refreshing sense of honesty and an absence of gimmickry. The band is clearly skilled and passionate, and while a bigger recording budget may help propel them further in the future, the general sound and production of _Paths of Insanity_ is adequate.

_Paths of Insanity_ would have benefitted from a better selection of material, however. There is much in these fourteen tracks that is only a slight variation of something else on the album; and while no section of the album is distinctly superior to the rest, interest tends to wane after a while. This doesn't mean there are any really weak tracks; but Forlorn Legacy are yet to distil their music into forty or so minutes of truly superb material, rather than such a lengthy album that lacks the extra staying power that bands gain when they get straight to the point. _Paths of Insanity_ does have plenty of really good music if you're into this style though, and the band certainly deserves recognition for having created a damn good disc -- I shall be interested in hearing more from them in the future.


(article published 10/3/2005)

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