Anal Vomit - _Demoniac Flagellations_
(Displeased Records, 2004)
by: Matthias Noll (8 out of 10)
Anal Vomit hail from Peru and further demolish my ears with an excellent slab of blood-drenched blackened death/thrash. Sounding like an up-to-date mixture of _Bestial Devastation_ era Sepultura, Sarcofago on _INRI_ and early Kreator, they unleash their material the raw and dedicated, typical South American way -- which obviously still exists and blossoms, even if most fans of more mainstream death metal might be under the impression that there's only the one-trick-pony Krisiun, their imitators and nothing else.

Anal Vomit are frantic, mercilessly heavy, have crushing breaks, infernal solos and call their own the refreshing naivety that only bands from South America seem to be able to muster. Well, naivety is maybe the wrong term, but bands from this part of the world do not rely on originality. Instead they indulge in metal clichés, but deliver them with such sincerity and seriousness that what I called naivety in reality is their total dedication to extreme music and their pledge of allegiance to -METAL-, to the death and sealed with blood. _Demoniac Flagellations_ was clearly recorded with the intention to annihilate all wimps and posers in a radius of 666 miles, and the will to play as heavy and ferociously as the participating musicians were able to, with clenched teeth, beastly facial expressions and while headbanging like there's no tomorrow.

Of course there's also room for improvements, mainly as far as the songwriting goes, rather than the production -- which is already appropriately ripping and strong. But by all means, and in case you are into the aforementioned bands or stuff like Deströyer666 (if you like the D666 song "Sons of Perdition" from _Cold Steel for an Iron Age_, I guarantee you'll dig _Demoniac Flagellations_) or Germany's Desaster, then support Anal Vomit and get this album.


(article published 10/1/2005)

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