Lost Soul - _Chaostream_
(Earache / Wicked World, 2005)
by: Jackie Smit (8 out of 10)
Well, it's not like anyone has announced the end of the Polish death metal explosion just yet, is it? Following hot on the heels of Behemoth's latest coup de grace comes Lost Soul -- a quartet whose abrasive blend of old-school brutality and off-kilter melodic swells satisfies on several levels. What is initially the most striking aspect of _Chaostream_ is the band's obviously keen knack for effectively incorporating ultra-technical rhythm changes into their mostly speedy death metal. This counter-balance of groove and manic outbursts is brought out perfectly by the album's pounding, layered production, and the ultimate result is that every song on the record ends up sounding unique and distinct -- a quality that's becoming all too rare a commodity in death metal these days. That said, the likes of "Godstate" and "The Hidden Law" may have listeners recalling Azagtoth riffs from years gone by more often than is desired, and while this is arguably not the worst offence, it certainly doesn't help propel the band on to the same lofty plane as the likes of Nile or Decapitated. Still, after nearly fourteen years in existence, it's good to see a bigger label take a chance on Lost Soul; a band who certainly deserve attention, moreso than perhaps many others.

Contact: http://www.lostsoul.metal.pl

(article published 31/12/2004)

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