Imperial Empire - _The 3rd War_
(Independent, 2004)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7.5 out of 10)
Wasting not even a second, one-man death metal machine Imperial Empire (a.k.a. Lee Wollenschlaeger) immediately opens hostilities on _The 3rd War_. Though assembled in South Africa, the album has an American death metal feel to it -- the guitar work and vocals leave no room for doubt in that matter, while the rhythm section is led by a well employed (and usually fast) drum machine. The album apparently aims to provide an enjoyable listen above all, with no pretension of being revolutionary or becoming the new landmark in some kind of extremity. This purpose has been achieved, and with great tracks like "My Claim" and "My Majesty", _The 3rd War_ is quite possibly the best independent release to have come my way this year -- not to mention an impressively cohesive effort from a single individual. However, in order to really progress, the project seems to need a different kind of studio and resources compared to what _The 3rd War_ and its predecessor _The Second Coming_ had. Nevertheless, this is another very solid death metal effort -- all the more impressive when you consider that this is an independent release put together single-handedly. That a label should take notice and sign Imperial Empire seems obvious: with better technical means at his disposal and perhaps a human drummer, Wollenschlaeger would then have all the elements in place to potentially come up with one hell of an album.

(article published 29/11/2004)

12/26/2003 P Azevedo 8 Imperial Empire - The Second Coming
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