Finntroll - _Nattfodd_
(Spinefarm, 2004)
by: Quentin Kalis (6 out of 10)
Originality is one of the most important criteria I consider, both when I review albums and when I buy CDs. Originality is evaluated not only in relation to other artists, but also in relation to an artist's previous work, and often this is where they fail miserably.

Finntroll have stumbled into this cul-de-sac on their fourth full-length. It is still impossible to mistake Finntroll for virtually any other band, but their music has become stale, having evolved little since the days of debut _Midnattens Widunder_. There are no surprises on _Nattfodd_, just the same quirky folk melodies rapidly approaching their sell-by date. They do have a new vocalist, who was also present on the previous full-length -- but although his impact on the overall Finntroll sound is noticeable, it is of little consequence.

To be totally honest, I initially enjoyed this album; but as the realisation dawned that that this had all been heard before, the appeal quickly faded and within a week I had moved on to other, more interesting and more substantial music. This can be seen as the audio equivalent of a McDonald's meal: it provides a quick fix, but within an extremely short period of time something with more substance is required.


(article published 19/10/2004)

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