Frontside - _Forgive Us Our Sins_
(Regain Records, 2004)
by: Jackie Smit (7 out of 10)
Apparently Frontside have the devil on their side -- at least, so says their bio. If that is the case however, it would appear that Old Nick has grown a little rusty since the days when he was overseeing such masterpieces as _Seven Churches_ and _Reign in Blood_. For one, I can't see the Hooved One of days gone by ever condoning a drum production so disturbingly similar to _St Anger_ -- but then again, he is known in some quarters as a lord of misery and torture. In all fairness though, Frontside are actually not half bad. Their brand of deathcore may not set the world ablaze in terms of originality, but the material on _Forgive Us Our Sins_ is ample proof that when their various elements are mixed together in the right quantities, they can be absolutely blinding. So while the pseudo-melodic posturing of "Cry of the Debased" may leave a good many listeners less than impressed, it's hard to argue with the bludgeoning enmity displayed on such pounding moments as "The Accused" and "The Extinction of the Earth". For now though, Frontside will have to be content to play second fiddle to the majority of their contemporaries; but by the sounds of things, that could be set to change very soon.


(article published 23/9/2004)

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