Kadotus - _Seven Glorifications of Evil_
(Blut & Eisen Prod., 2003)
by: Matthias Noll (7 out of 10)
There's no doubt about Kadotus' origins, because in their song material I clearly hear obvious traces of Warloghe, Satanic Warmaster, Diaboli and other Finnish bands. While Kadotus are nowhere nearly as good as the first two bands in this list were on their debut albums, I think it's justified to rank them at the same level as early Diaboli, Baptism and also Satanic Warmaster on the somewhat less impressive _Opferblut_. The production on _Seven Glorifications of Evil_ is relatively clear for a Finnish black metal band, with a lot of reverb on the very screechy vocals, but easily raw enough to put off everybody who's not into underground black metal. All of the material on _SGoE_ is melodic in the typical, Darkthrone-derived Finnish style, mainly fast and straightforward but with the occasional slower section now and then. Of course this album is generic and could even be called derivative, but for those who enjoy the recent Finnish scene this is an absolutely solid release which is certainly worth purchasing.

(article published 31/8/2004)

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