Arachnes - _Primary Fear_
(Scarlet, 2003)
by: Brian Meloon (6 out of 10)
Before receiving this album, I'd never heard of Italy's Arachnes, but they've been around for over seven years and this is their fourth full-length album. As you'd expect, during that time, they've had a chance to hone and polish their style. Unfortunately, the style they've chosen is generic Italian prog/power metal, which for me is typified by Labyrinth's 1996 offering _No Limits_. This album features the typical singing, the typical guitar work, the typical melodies, and the typical washed-out production of Italian prog/power metal. Thankfully, they do branch out from this style somewhat, incorporating elements from Yngwie, Tony MacAlpine, Iron Maiden, Journey, some church organ music, and a few other random influences. Another thing that helps to separate them from the pack and bolster their progressive credentials is that almost half of the songs on this album are instrumentals (and real instrumentals, not just intros or segues between songs). So ultimately, this album has a little more to offer than a typical album from this genre, but it's not one that will change your mind about Italian prog/power metal. If you like the style and are interested in another band competently doing the same style, then go for it; otherwise, you won't find much here to entertain you.


(article published 31/8/2004)

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