Eviscium - _Underneath the Buried_
(Still Dead Productions, 2004)
by: T. DePalma (5.5 out of 10)
This is the sound of death crawling, infecting; determined death like cancer ravaging from within. Composed of Ex-Rottrevore members, Eviscium churns out a down-tuned soundtrack to mortal climax -- the kind that requires dental records. Like its predecessors, there is a strong influence from early '90s Swedish / Finnish death metal (Demigod, God Macabre), although the sonic bluntness of _Underneath the Buried_ far exceeds the members' former catalog. Simplistic, chugging rhythms spread thickly over six tracks of gore cleft in half by their recording dates -- which warrants mention only because the mixing of tracks four, five and six is more even, whereas during the first half of the album vocalist Mark Mastro is obscured and blended in like a fleeting afterthought of guitar distortion. Eviscium achieves a relative balance between doom and death, being neither overly blasting nor plodding, with the most emphasis put on the rhythmic, almost tribal breaks that are crushing yet separate from the popular east-coast slam style. While not relating any epiphany, this type of old-school cruor is seldom achieved without outright stagnant plagiarism, and it's good to hear something this putrid that doesn't toy with any grindcore novelties for a change.

Contact: http://www.eviscium.com

(article published 6/8/2004)

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