Infinited Hate - _Revel in Bloodshed_
(Displeased Records, 2004)
by: Xander Hoose (6.5 out of 10)
Those of you who have been paying enough attention to what has been happening in the scene have seen this album coming. Rising from the ashes of Sinister, Infinited Hate includes most of the final line-up of Sinister -- even female gruntster Rachel Kloosterwaard has taken the step to provide _Revel in Bloodshed_ with vocals. The album clocks a nice 37 minutes of non-stop death metal action from song one to song eleven. You're not allowed, not even for a single moment, to catch your breath. Not that I mind though! What I do mind is that both production- and song-wise it could have been better. Sinister has made better songs than we can find on this album, and the production is a bit thin for a brutal Dutch death band. The usage of a drum machine doesn't really become obvious unless you pay attention to it; perhaps it does explain why there are only some sporadic breaks in speed. Nonetheless, if you have always liked Sinister and don't mind a more grindcore-oriented direction, you will like _Revel in Bloodshed_. If you're looking for more variation, don't go looking for it here. Infinited Hate has taken the other direction and it doesn't seem like they are willing to turn back soon.

(article published 31/7/2004)

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