Forest of Impaled - _Forward the Spears_
(Red Stream, 2003)
by: T. DePalma (4 out of 10)
The opening track of this album begins with a short lead-in by way of orchestra, very cinematic amidst the sounds of feat-hoofs crunching along the dusty ground and the clamor of weaponry. In the next few seconds we are launched into a trampling, viciously coordinate march of metal, completely unrelenting for two or three briefly epic and bloody minutes. What happened?

From here on the album deflates into a plainly derivative, if energetic endeavor that falls short of the band's potential, still apparent in at least a few tracks among the ennui. This group has always contained a slight thrash element, full of melody but never being completely "melodic" -- a trait retained on this release with several catchy riffs here and there that (thankfully, I guess) never become overdone or harmonized into something... Swedish. Nor do these riffs seem to ever actually build to anything interesting or -- more of a necessity -- sustain their own integrity. The latter is disappointing, the former contemptible. They are from Poland after all. Any interesting hooks usually appear in the first minute or so of a track ("Sons of Cain", "Into the Mouth of Oblivion") and from then on become surrounded and vanish within energetically played, but impersonal guitar rhythms over the assault of Duane Timlin's drumming -- which is sublime because in our age of tech-savvy percussionists he's actually hitting the goddamn things. As it is, I can hardly hold it against him that his work is not Atlas enough to prop up this material. Vocalist / bassist Marcus M. Kolar (since departed) brings a fierce amalgam of styles together that are enjoyable and stirring to hear: a mix of rasps and David Vincent-like deeply spoken echoes. But of the ten tracks here only the title track, "I Am the Temple to Eternal Death" and the ceremonial "Orgy of Unearthly Delights" rise above something other than standardized sound.


(article published 31/7/2004)

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